Hello Kitty Mascot Costume Style A

Hello Kitty Mascot Costume Style A

Hello Kitty Mascot Costume Style A
Includes: Head + Body + Shoe covers + Hand covers
Material: Polyfoam (Head), Perfect vision, Lightweight, Breathable & Washable
Short hair velvet (Outer)
Polyester Taffeta (Lining)
Polypropylene Cotton (Filling)

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Because of the volume of the item is very large, we will ship it via EMS. But please don't worry about that, it will not take too long time. Normally it can reach most countries within 7-10 working days. A mascot is any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck or anything used to represent a group with a common public identity, such as a school, professional sports team, society, military unit, or brand name. Mascots are also used as fictional, representative spokespeople for consumer products, such as the rabbit used in advertising and marketing for the General Mills brand of breakfast cereal, Trix.
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